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Upcoming Choir Anthems


Come to Me


Changed and Climbin


"Carry Me" with “I Need Thee Every Hour  (This is not an exact example.  Just for reference.)


In the Final Week - Easter Cantata, Listening Examples:

1 Prayer for Peace

2 Sing Jubilate!

3 Canticle of Love

4 This Lonesome Valley

5 Jesus, Rose of Sharon

6 Prayer for Peace (Reprise)

In the Final Week - Easter Cantata

Church performance example on YouTube

Voice Part Enhanced Examples:

  1. Prayer of Peace, SOP
  2. Sing Jubilate!, SOP
  3. Canticle of Love, SOP
  4. The Lonesome Valley, SOP
  5. Jesus, Rose of Sharon, SOP
  6. Prayer of Peace (Reprise), SOP

  1. Prayer of Peace, Alto
  2. Sing Jubilate!, Alto
  3. Canticle of Love, Alto
  4. The Lonesome Valley, Alto
  5. Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Alto
  6. Prayer of Peace (Reprise)

  1. Prayer of Peace, Tenor
  2. Sing Jubilate!, Tenor
  3. Canticle of Love, Tenor
  4. The Lonesome Valley, Tenor
  5. Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Tenor
  6. Prayer of Peace (Reprise), Tenor

  1. Prayer of Peace, Bass
  2. Sing Jubilate!, Bass
  3. Canticle of Love, Bass
  4. The Lonesome Valley, Bass
  5. Jesus, Rose of Sharon, Bass
  6. Prayer of Peace (Reprise), Bass

4/9/2023 Easter Sunday

Prelude (Brass Only) Easter Rejoicing

Christ the Lord Is Risen Today (1st Hymn)  Arr. Hal H. Hopson (Scroll down and click the play button to listen)

Choir Anthem - Fanfare for Easter Day, Arr. Parks

Special Music (Chancel Choir) In Christ Alone, Arr. Hayes (There is only a full example of the SAB version).  This is that example.

Hymn - Jesus Shall Reign, Arr. Bankston


“You, Lord  (Click the Play button to the right of the picture of the anthem)


“Just Across That River” with “Every Time I Feel the Spirit


“Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing"

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