New site!

Atari Coldfire Project site (Firebee)  Very cool Atari Music site!

Tim's Atari MIDI World   (MIDI and the World of Atari Computers - Rest in Peace, Tim 1957-2009 - an awesome guy.)  Memorial Site   (Notator SL page - the best for sequencing and music composition/publishing)   (great place for all kinds of Atari info and links)

Best Electonics   (great place to buy Atari stuff)

B & C ComputerVisions   (another great place to buy Atari stuff)

Anodyne Software   (Home of ExtenDOS Gold, CD Writer Suite, and Diamond Edge)

MyAtari Magazine   (my favorite Atari webzine, legacy site) (Website of Rajah Lone - Troll newsreader, Litchi FTP client and other great software)

Gribnif Software   (Geneva, Neodesk software, etc.)

Powerphenix  (CT60 Falcon Super Booster and related products/information)

Aniplayer Home   (great media player!)

Uwe Seimet   (HDDriver, etc.)

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