Sync with ADAT XT

My “new” ADAT XT and JLCooper DataSync2 arrived, so I have been working on getting the ADAT sycnronized with Cubase Audio Falcon.  It basically worked “out of the box.”  At first, I set the Syncronization dialogue to MTC, and the Cubase sequencer followed the SMPTE on the ADAT nicely, but the ADAT would not respond to the Cubase transports.  I enabled the MMC.DRV in the MROS directory, and set the Sync to MMC.  Now I can start and stop the tape with the Cubase transports, but it will not “rewind” or “fast forward” or go back to zero with the Cubase transports.  This may be by design so that Cubase does not get out of sync with the tape.


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