Swapped Falcon Motherboards

Recently I had a problem with my ETHERNAT.  Networking stopped functioning (USB is still working).  I was able to obtain a SVETHLANA from NATURE (These guys have always been so kind and helpful over the years!).

In the process, I decided I would swap my Falcon motherboard with one from the “new” Falcon that I bought.  My original Falcon had a blown cartridge port fuse that I had jumpered, and it always had the “reset delay” problem with the CT60 (I had to push reset several times to get it to boot).  I had tried several “fixes” for the reset delay problem, but I was never able to solve the problem.  The board had several clock patches applied and removed over the years and had the audio mods for the analog inputs and outputs.  The “new” board was clean with no modifications.

Once I got the “new” board swapped into my Wizztronics Falcon Rack, I only had to make one little mod to get SCSI working properly (my “old” board also had this mod):


The “new” board does not have the “reset delay” issue.  So far, everything including the SVETHLANA is working great.  I still need to do some “acid testing” with Cubase Audio Falcon.  It has always been quite sensitive, especially where writing to SCSI is concerned.  Minimal tests have worked so far.  I have had some minor issues that I believe may be related to Supervidel timing (I need to experiment with the firmware and timing versions).

I’m hoping to add some YouTube video of the current status of my studio soon.  I’m not very good with Video editing, so it takes me some time to get interested in doing it, and more time to actually do it!

So far my “old” Falcon is not booting without the CT60.  I suspect that is because it has all the wiring added to “boost” the motherboard, and without the CT60 attached something is not right.  I’m trying to get ahold of a CT60e, but I haven’t heard back on that as of yet.  Things can sometimes take forever in the “Atari World!”

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