STBook Theft!  Beware!

It has been years now since I lost my STBook to theft.  I never really posted anything here, because I was afraid that the fellow I sent it to may have died or something bad happened to him, or since it seems that he may be a criminal that he would try to hurt me in some way. 

Today I noticed someone posting about owning a couple of STBooks on Atari-Forum.  It made me think that I should post something here about this situation so that others will be aware not to send their STBook to this person if he is still out there.

I sent my STBook to someone with the handle “Simbo.”  I know his real name, but I will not list it here.  You just can’t trust what people will do these days.

The second time I sent my STBook to this person for repairs, he stopped communicating with me and never returned it.  I have not been able to track him down, as he was in Scotland and I am in the USA.

If you are one of the few lucky people to have an STBook, be very careful with it!  Do not send it to anyone unless you are absolutely confident in who they are!

I had a lot of money in that computer, and it is a very rare collector’s item.  It was heartbreaking to lose it.

Be careful out there everyone.  Not everyone in our Atari community has the heart of gold that most Atari people have.

If you see an STBook with this serial number (French version), please let me know:

IMG 1279 2

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