STBook Arrival

IMG 1507

My STBook arrived home safely, and everything worked great for several days.  After using it for several days, the bottom half of the screen stopped working.

IMG 1511 (1)

Problems like this are to be expected with a computer which may not have been running since the early 1990’s.  I tried to repair it with help from my friend in Scotland, but my skills were not sufficient enough to complete the repair.  It is now back in Scotland for a second go around.  Hopefully all will go well and the whole screen will operate again!  I have a new appreciation for detailed (and very tiny) electronics repair.

It was so amazing to see it working!  I only wish there was a memory upgrade option for these.  It has a ROM disk that forces use of some of the RAM at boot.  Out of the 1024K of RAM, you can only make available about 700K or so.  I am so used to having 4 MB or more, that it will require me to use a completely different approach to software.  Fortunately, there is a vast library of software for the ST series.  I am sure that with some research I will come up with most of the programs I will need to use the STBook the way that I would like to use it.  

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