New “Stock" Falcon on the Way!

I have owned my Falcon for probably 14 years or more, and it is highly upgraded.  I have always lived in fear that it will “die”, and I do not have a spare.  It is the heart of my little studio, and everything revolves around it.  Of course, without replacing the capacitors, all computers of this age are at risk, and it is possible that two machines will have the same shelf life.

I recently decided that my last major purchase for the foreseeable future would be a second Falcon030.  The computer that I bid on and won is a UK falcon, so I will be putting in a US power supply, adding 14 MB of RAM and a 4 GB compact flash IDE “hard drive.”  I’m buying those things at Best Electronics.

It will be nice to have a spare “stock” Falcon for demos and games and such that is not all tied in to my studio equipment.  Hopefully both computers will never “die” at the same time, and I will be still be able to repair them myself or find someone to make the repairs!  Working with this vintage stuff is always an adventure!

new falcon

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