New Stacy Screen?

Since my STBook is out for repairs, I pulled out my Stacy to get it ready for some projects where I will need portability.  It has been sitting for quite awhile, and when I booted it up I noticed that the bottom of the screen is going out.  If I “squeeze” the display in the area of the speaker, the screen will come back.  My Stacy has always had a vertical line coming down from the top of the display about 1.5 inches long, so I have wanted to repair or replace the screen.  I started doing a little research to see if a replacement LCD may be available, before I try to repair the existing display.  I found the exact Epson part numbered display on eBay from a few sellers in China.  I have ordered one of those from the seller who had the least negative feedback.  I also ordered a display from a US supplier.  That one was very inexpensive, and has the right size and specifications, but a different part number.

Once the new display with the correct part number arrives, I’ll start the project and take photos of everything.  I know that the Stacy is difficult to disassemble, so I am going to take it very slowly and document everything in my blog.

I am very curious to see if I will actually receive a new, working Stacy display or not.  Hopefully it will be nice and bright in comparison with the current display.

I will also be replacing clock battery, and should probably also upgrade the hard drive.  It already has 4 MB of RAM installed.  I’m not sure if I want to mess with the TOS version or not.  It would be nice to have 2.06 installed if there are no issues with a Stacy.  (Update) I just read that 2.06 needs a patch for the Shadow chip on the Stacy.

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