I was in desperate need of an additional midi OUT so that when my JV-1080 arrives, I can have another 16 midi channels to send to it.  I have not been able to find any of the Soundpool, Steinberg or other midi interfaces, but I was able to find a midman MACMAN and a MINI MACMAN.

These interfaces hook to the the LAN port on the Falcon.  It is very important that the LANPORT.DRV is in the MROS directory, AND THAT YOU DO NOT HOOK UP THE SERIAL CABLE UNTIL CUBASE HAS LOADED.  If you have the serial cable hooked up when you boot the computer you will get a blank screen.  If you have the cable hooked up before you run cubase, the mouse cursor will lock up.  READ LAN****.TXT in the MROS folder.

I seem to remember reading something about the timing not being as tight with these interfaces, but I have verified that they are working.  I think that only one out is supported by Cubase.  The other two on the larger interface may function as a THRU, but in Cubase you only have the option for the ATARI midi out (Falcon) or the LANPORT midi out (Macman interface), not multiple outs on the LANPORT.  I bought both of the interfaces out of curiousity because they were very inexpensive, but I think I’ll be using the MINI MACMAN, since it looks to me that just the one out is supported anyway.

UPDATE - I have a serial switch for the old Apple-type serial cables on the way so that I can just operate the switch to connect the MINI MACMAN instead of always plugging and unplugging the Lan Port serial cable.

IMG 0183
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