ADAT XT Sync - Fully Operational with ACI Driver

I discovered (thanks to help from friends on Atari-Forum) that there is an ACI.DRV in the MROS directory of Cubase Audio Falcon.  I assume that this stands for ADAT Control Interface??

With the ACI driver and the JLCooper Datasync2, the Cubase transports now control all of the functions of the ADAT XT.

When you select a tape track in Cubase, it even record-enables that track on the ADAT XT.


Here is the right side rack of my studio desk with the ADAT XT and MIDI SOLUTIONS T8 Thru box installed.  No more room!

IMG 0194

Here the left side rack of my studio desk with the JV-1080 installed:

IMG 0196

Here is the JLCooper DataSync2.  The little box on top is just my headphone amp.

IMG 0193

Once my Alesis AI-1 arrives, this project will be completed.  I’ll probably remove the ART SGX-LT guitar processor, and put the AI-1 above the ADAT XT.

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